Cantor Solomon once again officiated for the High Holidays at Congregation Beth Shalom of the Blue Hills, Milton, MA. His small choir in its third year was well prepared and able to add to its growing repertoire. Among other innovations, on Yom Kippur, a clarinetist joined the musical team and made for a joyous hakafah (torah procession).

On November 3, Cantor Solomon installed his friend, Rabbi Paul Sidlofsky, as the rabbi at Temple Israel of Tallahassee, Florida. The ceremony included a reworked Mi Shebeirach, whose words you can find here:

MI SHEBEIRACH — Cantor Robbie Solomon

Mi shebeirach avoteinu, mi shebeirach imoteinu
Yishlach b’racha, v’hatz’lacha al kol ma’asei yadecha
V’nomar, Amen

In this time of rejoicing, may our wisdom grow
May we make the right choices as we humbly go
And with radiant blessings like the stars above
My you always be sheltered in the arms of love

On this path you are taking, may your light increase
Through the journey you’re making, may God bring you joy and peace
And with blessings abounding as the stars above
May you always be sheltered in the arms of love.

In the arms of love there is such tenderness
In the arms of love we are forever blessed

Mi shebeirach, etc.