Cantor Robbie Solomon

The Robbie Solomon Anthology, Transcontinental Music Publications, a career-spanning collection of music for the synagogue and beyond. Over 200 pages, packed full of music for solo and multiple voices. The Anthology includes many well-known songs that Cantor Solomon wrote for Safam with a piano accompaniment that reflects the band’s instrumental arrangements. There are also pieces for a chorus and other synagogue settings that Robbie has written during his long career, including several that have never before been performed or published. The Anthology includes links to recordings of most of the songs, as a performance guide.

The unforgettable, passionate, and deeply Jewish songs of Cantor Robbie Solomon hold an esteemed place in the world of synagogue music. These 25 spirited and career-defining works were born of a life expertly crafting Jewish music—they are both practical and extraordinary. Robbie Solomon Anthology features selected solo songs for worship and performance, with options for multiple voices and obbligato instruments. Including classic melodies for Shabbat, Havdalah, anthems, holidays, interfaith use, and on the subject of Israel and ZIonism. 8.5″ x 11″ paperback [physical] or zip file containing PDF songbook and individual PDFs [digital], 208 pages plus indexes. Includes a link to custom-made videos featuring Cantor Solomon presenting his own works from the Anthology.

Format: Paperback, PDF, Digital (Includes Songbook PDF and Individual Song PDFs)

Voicing: Solo / Two Voices / Unison Choir, Piano / Vocal / Guitar (PVG), Solo Voice and Piano

Voicing Category: Solo / Two Voices / Unison Choir Piano / Vocal / Guitar (PVG) Solo Voice and Piano

The Robbie Solomon Collection vol. 1

by Robbie Solomon | Forever Blessed

The Robbie Solomon Collection - Volume One

A collection of 29 solo and two-part arrangements for the synagogue, this songbook is contains full piano accompaniment as well as some optional cello and clarinet parts.

Included in the collection are some of Cantor Solomon’s most beloved songs—World of Our Fathers, Hashkiveinu, Mi Shebeirach, My Beloved and many more. Accompanying the book is a CD recording of 12 of the songs, called “Forever Blessed.”

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Forever Blessed – by Robbie Solomon

12 songs by Robbie Solomon, two-part arrangements for the synagogue, beautifully performed by Robbie and a stellar cast of cantors—Benjie-Ellen Schiller, Jacob Mendelson, and Elias Rosemberg—and beautifully orchestrated.

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Forever Blessed Sheet Music

Forever Blessed - Single

Forever Blessed Digital Songbook

Robbie Solomon - Choral Music

The Choral Collection: Since the publication of Leaving Mother Russia over 30 years ago, Transcontinental Music Publications has been adding choral works by Cantor Solomon on a regular basis. They are printed as part of several collections of synagogue works as well as in octavo form. Sheet music of many of these works in digital and printed format can also be found through