1. Ein Kamocha/Av Harachamim
2. Ki Mitzion, Baruch Shenatan, Shema, Echad, Gad’lu
3. L’cha Adonai/Rom’mu
4. V’zot Hatorah
5. Yehalelu
6. Hodo al Eretz
7. Ki Lekach Tov
8. Eitz Chayim Hee

The Torah Service (©1989), for the new sanctuary at Temple Beth-El, Northbrook, IL.

Meanwhile, an inaugural service for the Northbrook synagogue was planned for the fall of 1989. A Slavin-Malkin Religious School dedication committee was formed with Gordon Levine as its chair, and the committee organized the official dedication of 3610 Dundee Road in September 1989. Rabbi Gary Zola, a former pupil of Rabbi Weissberg and one of 17 rabbis to emerge from Temple Beth-El during Rabbi Weissberg’s tenure, (A list of these rabbis should appear in an index at the end of this book.) delivered the keynote address at the outdoor ceremony. The occasion culminated in a festive procession from Walters Avenue to Dundee Road during which the synagogue’s Torahs were carried to their new and permanent home.

Linking the past to the future, Chicago to Northbrook, one generation of Jewish experience to the next, the procession simultaneously affirmed Beth-El’s forward march of progress and commitment to past history. With the Torahs secure in Fink Hall, the new chapel, 3610 Dundee Road was officially consecrated as a house of worship, and another chapter of Temple Beth-El’s story was complete.