Cantor Robbie Solomon
Some of Cantor Solomon’s best-loved liturgical pieces were composed on commission. Commissioning music is a great way to honor an occasion or a person, and you can contact Robbie directly through this web site to ask about how to begin the process.

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Commissioned Services:

Still Composing

This spring will feature the performance of two new pieces in a concert to honor the memory of Sarah Jane Boling at Temple Emanuel, in Newton, Mass. on Sunday, March 26. The first piece is "Min Hameitzar", a musical rendering of a single verse from Psalm 118, one of...

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The Atlanta Service

For the 30th Anniversary of the founding of Temple Emanu-El of Atlanta, GA, Robbie Solomon was commissioned to write a new setting for the Friday night service. The service debuted on Friday night March 14, 2008 at Temple Emanu-El with Cantor Ben Adler and his choirs....

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Havdalah (©1992), a contemporary setting, for Temple Emanuel, Worcester, MA. Song list: Hinei El Yeshuati Adonai Tzvaot Imanu Lay’hudim Hay’ta Havdalah Blessings Eliyahu HaMavdil

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The Torah Service

TORAH SERVICE © 1989 1. Ein Kamocha/Av Harachamim 2. Ki Mitzion, Baruch Shenatan, Shema, Echad, Gad’lu 3. L’cha Adonai/Rom’mu 4. V’zot Hatorah 5. Yehalelu 6. Hodo al Eretz 7. Ki Lekach Tov 8. Eitz Chayim Hee The Torah Service (©1989), for the new sanctuary at Temple...

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Zimrat Shalom

Zimrat Shalom (©1989), a Friday night service for the 130th anniversary of Cong. Neveh Shalom of Portland, OR. ZIMRAT SHALOM (© 1989) song list: Mah Tovu L’cha Dodi Barechu El Chai Ahavat Olam Shema V’Ahavta Mi Chamocha Chatzi Kaddish Meditation/May The Words Kiddush...

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Other Commissions:

  • The Priestly Blessing, SATB plus solo ©2016 – Written for ACC Convention, June, 2016 in Philadelphia for the inauguration of officers
  • Sefirat Ha’omer for solo with congregational response ©2016 – Written for the new Conservative prayer book, “Lev Shalem”
  • Lev Shavur for cantor and choir ©2016 – Written on a passage of new Reform Machzor, Mishkan Hanefesh
  • Uv’chein for cantor and choir ©2015 – Written for the collection “Shirei Mishkan Hanefesh”
  • Elohai N’shamah ©2008 for Rabbi Lewis and Naomi Mintz for their years of service at Cong. Beth Elohim, Acton, MA
  • Beit Yaakov ©2003 for the inauguration of Jacob Mendleson as President of the Cantors Assembly
  • Forever Blessed ©2001 for the Bar Mitzvah of Gabriel Sirkman
  • Build Me a Holy Place ©2001 for a new sanctuary at the Larchmont Temple, NY
  • Seeds of Compassion ©2000 for the purchase of a new torah scroll at Cong. Beth Shalom, Northbrook, IL
  • Tzedek Tirdof ©1999 for the Bar Mitzvah of Daniel Rosensweig
  • Anim Zemirot ©1984 for Temple Israel, Natick, MA