Cantor Robbie Solomon


Clergy, performer, composer, lecturer, writer, and publisher.

Widely recognized creator of musical works that express the richness of the Jewish experience.

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Cantor Robbie Solomon Live @ BHC

Over the last few years, I have been not only composing new pieces for the synagogue and beyond, but also honing my skills as an arranger and an orchestrator. I hope to use these new abilities further into my retirement, which began this summer (2017).

I am proud to offer here a new live recording, “Cantor Robbie Solomon Live at BHC” in which many of these skills are displayed. It was scored for cantor, choir, string quartet, woodwind trio and a rhythm section of guitar, piano, bass and drums. The CD includes eight original pieces most of which have not been recorded before.

You can purchase the CD here for $15, including shipping and handling, or download it for $10 from

The Orphan Queen

A concert setting of the Orphan Queen, Robbie’s full length musical based on the book of Esther, is being presented at three Massachusetts synagogues in March of 2008. On Saturday March 22 7:30 PM at Temple Kerem Shalom of Concord; Sunday, March 23 at 2:00...

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The Atlanta Service

For the 30th Anniversary of the founding of Temple Emanu-El of Atlanta, GA, Robbie Solomon was commissioned to write a new setting for the Friday night service. The service debuted on Friday night March 14, 2008 at Temple Emanu-El with Cantor Ben Adler and his choirs....

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Havdalah (©1992), a contemporary setting, for Temple Emanuel, Worcester, MA. Song list: Hinei El Yeshuati Adonai Tzvaot Imanu Lay’hudim Hay’ta Havdalah Blessings Eliyahu HaMavdil

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The Torah Service

TORAH SERVICE © 1989 1. Ein Kamocha/Av Harachamim 2. Ki Mitzion, Baruch Shenatan, Shema, Echad, Gad’lu 3. L’cha Adonai/Rom’mu 4. V’zot Hatorah 5. Yehalelu 6. Hodo al Eretz 7. Ki Lekach Tov 8. Eitz Chayim Hee The Torah Service (©1989), for the new sanctuary at Temple...

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Zimrat Shalom

Zimrat Shalom (©1989), a Friday night service for the 130th anniversary of Cong. Neveh Shalom of Portland, OR. ZIMRAT SHALOM (© 1989) song list: Mah Tovu L’cha Dodi Barechu El Chai Ahavat Olam Shema V’Ahavta Mi Chamocha Chatzi Kaddish Meditation/May The Words Kiddush...

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