Robbie Solomon - Commissions

Cantor Robbie Solomon is often asked to compose music for an occasion. Some of his best-loved liturgical pieces were done on commission. Here is a partial list:

  • The Priestly Blessing, SATB plus solo 2016 - Written for ACC Convention, June, 2016 in Philadelphia for the inauguration of officers
  • Sefirat Ha'omer for solo with congregational response 2016 - Written for the new Conservative prayer book, "Lev Shalem"
  • Uv'chein for cantor and choir 2015 - Written for the collection "Shirei Mishkan Hanefesh"
  • Lev Shavur for cantor and choir 2016 - Written on a passage of new Reform Machzor, Mishkan Hanefesh
  • Elohai N'shamah for Rabbi Lewis and Naomi Mintz for their years of service at Cong. Beth Elohim, Acton, MA
  • The Atlanta Service, a Friday night service written for the 30th Anniversary of Temple EmanuEl Atlanta, GA
  • Forever Blessed for the Bar Mitzvah of Gabriel Sirkman
  • Build Me a Holy Place for a new sanctuary at the Larchmont Temple, NY
  • Seeds of Compassion for the purchase of a new torah scroll at Cong. Beth Shalom, Northbrook, IL
  • Beit Yaakov for the inauguration of Jacob Mendleson as President of the Cantors Assembly
  • Psalm 29 for the Millennium Shabbat Project of the Cantors Assembly
  • Tzedek Tirdof for the Bar Mitzvah of Daniel Rosensweig
  • The Torah Service, for the new sanctuary at Temple Beth-El, Northbrook, IL
  • Havadalah, a contemporary setting, for Temple Emanuel, Worcester, MA
  • Anim Zemirot for Temple Israel, Natick, MA
  • Zimrat Shalom, a Friday night service for the 130th anniversary of Cong. Neveh Shalom of Portland, OR

Commissioning music is a great way to honor an occasion or a person. You can contact Robbie directly through this web site to ask about how to begin the process.

Robbie Solomon - Scholar In Residence

As well as being a composer of Jewish music, Robbie Solomon is renowned for his artistry as a cantor and performer of a wide variety of Jewish repertoire. Whether in a single performance, or at a scholar's weekend working with the choirs and speaking about his own music or the history of Jewish music, Robbie is a delight.

Here is a sample of his most recent engagements:

A partial list of other synagogues and cantors who have hosted Cantor Solomon as scholar-in-residence follows:

Cantor Solomon's liturgical works are unique because they combine a contemporary beat, which allows the congregation to join in singing with an authentic depth of Jewish tradition and feeling. They sound modern and Jewish at the same time. The music reflects influences that range from traditional hazzanut to Sephardic and Israeli folk melodies to American jazz. In addition to the dozens of songs Robbie composed for Safam, he has written a couple of complete Friday night services, a Torah service, a Havdalah service, and many individual pieces written for various combinations of singers and instrumentalists.

As a scholar-in-residence, Cantor Solomon will help present a Friday night service featuring his music. He will work with your cantor (or music director) to choose a program most suited to the synagogue, and will assist in the training of choirs, and any other musicians available to your congregation. When possible, he will arrive on earlier in the week to work with the participants.

At the service, Robbie will also give a sermon-in-song involving the congregation in studying the creative process from a composer's viewpoint. Congregants will hear the melodies with very different "ears" and gain a better understanding for the role of music in the worship experience.

Cantor Solomon is prepared to conduct, to sing or to play a number of instruments, if needed in the program. He can work with children's choirs and adult choirs, volunteer or professional.

An evening or weekend spent with Cantor Robbie Solomon will leave the congregation with tunes that will become some of their favorite settings for future services. They will come away with a new appreciation for Jewish music and the wealth of beautiful melodies found in our heritage.